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The Analemma 

The analemma is a figure 8 shape made by the Sun’s annual migratory path between the northern and southern hemispheres as seen from the Earth. This pattern is caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis and is a visual cue of the Sun’s movement through the calendar year. It can often be seen on globes and revealed on a sundial. Each location on earth has its own distinct analemma, acting as a fingerprint of place. We are inspired by the differences of place and try to showcase each site we farm in our wines.

What It Represents to Us

The ribbon-like figure of the analemma is similar to the symbol of infinity. We draw inspiration from this image of “boundlessness” or “beyond calculation.” So much of what we enjoy as humans cannot be summarized by science or measured by calculation.  Joy, love, pleasure, and a smile are all examples of immeasurable essences that are meaningful aspects of everyday life. Our experience reveals that the pleasure derived from wine falls into this unquantifiable category.

To us the shape of the analemma also exemplifies the link between what is above and below the soil, alluding to the important relationship between a vine's canopy and its roots. In our farming practices, we try to reinforce rhythms between the soil, plant, animal, and environment.