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Oak Ridge Vineyard

Nestled in the highlands above Husum, Washington, in the shadow of Mount Adams, Oak Ridge Vineyard has been deepening it’s roots since 1984. Due to its age and potential to produce consistently ripe fruit in late October, Oak Ridge is considered one of the classic Columbia Gorge Vineyards. Analemma co-farms the site with owners Thomas and Marlene Woodward by assisting with key farming activities throughout the season. Our involvement allows us to keep in close touch with the fruit’s maturity and to harvest at the precise time in order to achieve the natural balance of acidity, sugar, and flavors. The vineyard is organically certified and dry farmed in ashy loam. Despite close proximity to Atavus Vineyard, at similar elevation and also a southern aspect, the Oak Ridge Vineyard brings different vine clonal material, soil type and cultural practices that account for the differences between the wines.