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Mosier Hills

In the fall of 2011 Kris and Steven discovered a thrilling opportunity in the Mosier Valley. Undulating across a south-facing ridge with areas of significant slope, this property was to become the home of Analemma. Nestled in the rainshadow of the Cascades, Mosier reveals the tension between maritime and continental climates. Located between wetter, cooler Hood River and the warmer, drier eastern Gorge, Mosier presents the contrast between these two climates. Mosier has a rich agricultural history of cherry growing. Visually, the Mosier Valley displays this concentration orchards within a wild patchwork of scrub oak and grassland. 


Photogallery rendered here.


In addition to being sculpted by numerous Missoula Floods that shaped the Columbia Gorge’s unique geology, this site was the location of a furious eddy. Swirling flood waters scoured other locations of similar elevation in the valley, but the high hillside locations on this property became a depository of river stones and granitic glacial erratics with origins in Canada and Montana. 

Although situated only eight miles from Atavus Vineyard, Mosier reveals a very different growing environment than that of the Mount Adams foothills. At 550 feet in elevation, only 20 inches of rainfall and approximately 2500 growing degree days, it is better suited to select mid-season ripening varietals. With inspiration to source appropriate varietals to match our distinct site, we look to the exciting wine growing region of Galicia, Spain. There are striking similarities between the two growing climates relating to continental and maritime struggle, warm days with cool nights, and dramatic topography.

With a commitment to farming vines of astute geographical placement we exist to offer wines of authenticity and rare expressions of site.