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Philosophy & Values

Analemma exists to craft characterful wines and foster life through a soulful approach to farming and winemaking. We embrace regenerative farming practices that actively support the vitality of our land and seek to inspire curiosity about the natural world in our community.

As a grower-producer, we believe in being stewards of the land and treating all life within the farm with respect. Conservation is at the heart of our approach. Our efforts are driven by a deep curiosity about our ecosystem, which grows with observation. We seek to inspire this curiosity and share our passion for the land through the production of wines that embody our values.

Our vision is to foster life and build community. Click on the image to learn more.

We believe that a farm is a living organism and that all life within this system needs to be treated with respect. We believe the world’s resources are limited and that they need to be looked after. We believe that inspiring curiosity about the natural world will lead to a positive future for our planet.


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