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Conservation of Resources

We believe the world’s resources are limited and that they need to be looked after.
Since inception in 2011, conservation has been at the heart of Analemma’s approach. From the inclusion of green building elements in the construction of our winery, efforts to reduce water use on our cultivated lands, implementing soil conservation practices, and repurposing materials within the farm for beneficial use, the careful preservation of resources guide all of our operations.
We hold ourselves as stewards of the land and are grateful for the recognition of our efforts from organizations we admire.
Marti Poseley leFevre presents award to Steven Thompson of Analemma Wines, winner in the business category (Photo Gorge Owned)

"Analemma Wines, of Mosier, Oregon won the business category for their commitment to energy, water, and soil conservation and community engagement. The company’s biodynamic approach to farming results in healthier soil, reduced water use, effective erosion control, biodiversity—not to mention, delicious wine."     -Marti Poseley leFevre, Gorge Owned

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