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Sunset at Analemma 

As a special offering to our Coterie, Analemma invites members to settle in at one of our three semi-private hillside locations to enjoy the sunset over the Mosier Valley.

Select a bottle at our Cellar Door and take a few minute stroll to our seating areas each located in an area reserved for exclusively for our Coterie. Enjoy the view while relaxing in Adirondack chairs seated at the highest perch of our estate at the Vista or settle in to the semi-private seating area on the Hillside Terrace overlooking the lavender block from the comfort of a shaded picnic, perfect for accommodating your group of up to five. For a more intimate experience, grab your favorite person and nestle into our spot reserved for two located between the Vista and the Hillside Terrace. Gain new perspective on how this special place contributes to the production of characterful wines. 


Watch the Sunset at Analemma
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