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Taste of the Gorge Bundle

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Taste of the Gorge Bundle
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Let us share a Taste of The Gorge with you. This bundle is your exclusive re-introduction to what Analemma wines are all about. We've included two you know and one you might not. 

Our cool-climate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir have made a splash in the new world wine scene, becoming cult favorites for their provocative departure from more traditional expressions of these varieties. Our Tinto is a nod to red blends typically found in tabernas across Spain, and a captivating preview of the more exotic varietals we grow on our Biodynamic® estate. The 2018 Tinto includes Grenache, Tempranillo, and Mencia—a grape grown only on our estate in Mosier, Oregon, and the Iberian Peninsula. These wines are vibrant, full of character, and deeply energetic, just like The Gorge.

This 3-bottle bundle bundle contains the following wines:   

Why would we discount this delicious and fairly priced wine? Because it's 2020, and you deserve it.


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